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  The History of St. Luke's Church

St. Luke's is one of the older parishes in the Diocese of Connecticut. It was founded in 1806, but its origins lie earlier in the ministry of the Rev. Samuel Peters of St. Peter's Church in Hebron, Connecticut. The Reverend Peters wrote of holding services in Glastonbury as early as 1761. However, these were stopped during the Revolution: apparently the Reverend Peters was a high Tory and was forced to seek refuge in England.

In 1806, fifty one citizens decided to form an Episcopal society, despite the disapproval of the established Congregational church. Some of the descendants of those signing the original Certificate of Incorporation are members of St. Luke's today.

Conditions back then were difficult and services were held irregularly. Rectors held very short tenure and most were forced to hold additional jobs. The original church site is where the Old Church Cemetery is now located.

With the establishment of woolen mills in Glastonbury, many English came and gave their support to St. Luke's. In 1837, the church was relocated and the present structure, a Neoclassic or Federalist building, was erected.

In 1959 the present Parish House, located next door to the Church, was purchased. This provided an office for the rector, a place for social gatherings and more room for the Church School. The rectory, built in 1955, was purchased in 1963. It is located about three miles from the Church.

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